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Benvenuti all’Accademia di Candriam

La prima piattaforma di formazione gratuita e accreditata al mondo per investimenti sostenibili e responsabili

L’Accademia di Candriam intende promuovere la consapevolezza, l’istruzione e la conoscenza degli intermediari finanziari e investitori istituzionali in materia d’investimento sostenibile e responsabile, attraverso una piattaforma on-line innovativa con contenuti e materiali d’ ispiratori e di pratica utilità.

L’Accademia di Candriam è gratuita e aperta a tutti (anche se è stata concepita tenendo a mente le esigenze degli intermediari).

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What’s going to be big for responsible investors in 2021? Here are RI’s predictions

This year will be busier than ever for the sustainable finance and responsible investment world. RI Editor Sophie Robinson-Tillett identifies six of the biggest topics to watch....

Sustainable Development Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy.

What are the SDGs? Goal 7: Affordable and Clean EnergyThe United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a framework for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all people and our planet. The 17 Goals address global challenges related to...

Inside Out Economics: Are Externalities the Main Event?

The question our sustainability crisis poses is whether our economy is more market failure than market? What says economics, then? The article is an abridged version of an essay, ‘Pigou and the Dropped Stitch of Economics’ available at the Preventable Surprises...

French President Emmanuel Macron and ESG Investing

French President Emmanuel Macron took office in 2017 at age 39 with promises to bring venture capital and a new tech industry to France. The president, who comes from a banking background, also pushed for ambitious environmental reforms across industries. His economic...

Bill Gates – Upping the Stakes with Impact Investing

 Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates is a pioneer in what’s known as impact investing—private investment that not only has a measurable bottom line, but also a real environmental or social impact.  That goes beyond ESG investing, which generally seeks to...

Sustainable Development Goals – SDG 4

The fourth UN (United Nations) Sustainable Development Goal focuses on Quality Education. The goal is to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” According to the UN, achieving inclusive and quality...

An economic case for protecting the planet

We all share one planet -- we breathe the same air, drink the same water and depend on the same oceans, forests and biodiversity. Economist Naoko Ishii is on a mission to protect these shared resources, known as the global commons, that are vital for our survival. In...

The political tipping point: Why the politics of energy will follow the economics

The political tipping point is coming.  The falling costs of renewables are driving a political tipping point where politicians move from expensive support for renewables to embrace the sector and to tax fossil fuel externalities.  This is a key driver of the...

Masamichi Kono, OECD Deputy Secretary-General: A new paradigm shift toward environmentally sustainable finance

The OECD stands ready to support efforts to build political leadership and address outstanding barriers to sustainable finance https://www.responsible-investor.com/home/article/op_ed_masamichi_kono_oecd_deputy_secretary_general_a_new_paradigm_shift_tow/

Enron: Why Corporate Governance Matters

Collapse of Enron; Greater public scrutiny on corporate governance issues  The story of Enron ends with a spectacular crash and massive bankruptcy. Once a Wall Street darling and one of the world’s largest companies, Enron saw their shares tumble from a high of $90.75...