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We are currently working on updating the Candriam Academy to make it more user-friendly, engaging and sustainable. Please take the time to finish any courses on the Academy before 6 October 2022 at 17h00 CET. After this time, all accounts will be temporarily closed until the launch of the new Academy in mid-October. Please note, only completed courses will be reflected on the new site.

At the end of November 2021, the Academy hit a new milestone: the 10000th member joined the Candriam Academy! In over 5 years, people from all over the globe and interested in the topic of ESG investing joined the Academy to participate in our four online training modules for free.

To mark this occasion, discover our story and see how we evolved by reading our latest interview with Wim Van Hyfte PhD. Candriam’s Global Head of ESG Investments and Research.

Our journey is not over yet, as we keep on growing. New modules added to our trainings each year to further train the new generation of investors. Through the ESG talks, our series of educational webinar launched in 2020, participants can have a deeper understanding some of the most pressing economic, social and environmental issues of our time and engage discussion with sustainability experts.

Join the Academy and start learning about sustainable investment through our four free trainings available in six languages:

  • The ‘Introduction to SRI’ training will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable investing
  • The three thematic modules will keep you updated with all the latest developments to understand the background of relevant concepts and regulatory initiatives:
    • ‘Circular Economy’ to better undertand the growing importance of transition towards a circular economic system.
    • ‘Climate Change’ will teach you how to analyse a company’s exposure to climate change risks
    • ‘ESG Analysis’ will outline the essential steps to fully understand a company’s ESG risk profile


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