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Leonardo DiCaprio is the actor and philanthropist who uses his considerable fame and fortune to
promote ESG investment practices around the globe. The star and his foundation have
contributed $30 million toward efforts to stem climate change. DiCaprio believes that making
immediate and sustainable changes to our consumption of fossil fuels is the only way to ensure
the survival of life on this planet.
Inspired by Al Gore
DiCaprio’s interest in environmental conservation began around the same time as his film career.
However, his interest in climate change really took hold in 1998, when he attended a White
House meeting with then-Vice President Al Gore. The actor was so inspired by his visit that he
created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation that same year. The foundation was designed to help
protect the “last of the world’s wild places,” with a focus on bringing awareness and funding to
projects related to:
 Wildlands conservation
 Oceans conservation
 Climate change
 Indigenous rights
 Transforming California
 Innovative solutions
Activism in Film
In 2004, DiCaprio founded the film production company Appian Way. Under that banner, he
wrote, produced and narrated the 2007 documentary The 11 th Hour. The film highlighted some of
the environmental challenges caused by global warming. In 2016 he produced a second
environmental documentary called Before the Flood, which followed the actor as he traveled
around the world visiting locations that had been directly affected by global warming.
The Leonardo DiCaprio Forest
DiCaprio is passionate about protecting the Earth’s oceans and wild lands. He believes reducing
our reliance on fossil fuels can help stave off the worst climate change has to offer. He drives an
eco-friendly vehicle and is mindful of his carbon footprint. After having his carbon footprint
calculated by a London firm, he had thousands of trees planted in Mexico to offset his
contribution to the world’s carbon emissions.
Recognition for His Efforts
In 2014 DiCaprio was appointed the United Nations Messenger of Peace for Climate Change.
That same year he was awarded the Clinton Global Citizen Award for his efforts to protect and
preserve the planet. While presenting him with the award, Carter Roberts, the CEO of the World
Wildlife Fund, said, “We are exhausting our planet’s capabilities to support you and me. Now
more than ever Mother Nature needs a voice. Ladies and gentlemen, Leonardo DiCaprio is that
Receiving an Oscar and Delivering a Message

During his acceptance speech for the Best Actor Academy Award in 2016 (for his role in The
Revenant), DiCaprio said, “Climate change is real, it is happening right now, it is the most urgent
threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop
On Social Media
Over 30 million people follow DiCaprio on social media platforms including Twitter and
Facebook. He uses those applications whenever he has a call to action to share with his fans.
Together they have run successful campaigns ranging from establishing protections for
endangered species to increasing the involvement of world leaders in climate change discussions.